This artist’s creativity is born from reflection of a parable and life experiences.

Fred would express himself something like, “have you ever wondered about something you dreamt about? Well, that’s kinda how it started for me. I read the story in the New Testament about the Tenth Leper; he was the only one of ten healed by Jesus who returned to say thank you. Developing a fascination of how he possibly felt, I was able to identify with his thankfulness; he must have had an overwhelming desire to share his miracle with the world.

As you know, many ancient recorded events appear in writings, drawings, paintings, and carvings. Being preoccupied with this parable of the Tenth Leper, I consider it reasonable to believe he could have been preserving these historic events in wood or stone.

Envision him as possibly being an old world sculptor doing much the same as modern-day writer, creating carvings depicting his observations during the days of Christ. The most powerful imagery is what he may have possibly experienced during the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

There was one particular morning after prayers when a strange visual sensation kepy reoccurring in my thoughts. After weeks of contemplating what the Lepers life might have been like, I found myself still distracted by sensitive views of those ancient times. Images of a man dressed in rags, carving a block of wood as if it were the most important thing in his life. My spiritual daydreaming kept up for weeks as I became more absorbed with the ideas of the potential life of the Leper. I started seeing a shape in my minds-eye, a sculpture like nothing I had ever seen, a constant fixation as if it were significant. I began learning the art of sculpture in an effort to bring this persistent mental picture to life. I also felt spiritually energized as never before and it is still invigorating even today. Emotions of gratitude flowed within me as the piece started to take shape and the realization that I received a gift was so much more than I ever expected or hoped for. The first piece manifested itself in a likeness of the Trinity appropriately showing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in front of the Holy Land. This is one of many visualizations of the 10th leper These works are a humble but spiritual translation of the indescribable to the describable

Where do these Works of Faith come from? I cannot say for sure, but I do recognize the Leper’s desire to show his appreciation by giving thanks and I want to share with the world the blessings I have received. I can only dream of what the Tenth leper may have been through and I believe he possibly could have… what do you believe when you see these works?”

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