This site presents the spiritual works of Fred Jefferies. These works are a humble but spiritual translation of indescribable to describable through the Lost Works of the Tenth Lepper.

The works of art all unique one of kind prototype pieces. The website is a work in progress and only displays a small portion of the spiritual items that are available. Please check the site reguarly for updates and announcements.


All products are made through a series of proceses, that include carving, sculpting, and moulding. They are fifty percent faith, forty-eight percent hope, and two percent inert ingedients. All mixed into a unique formula, called ivory cast.

All coloring is based on "Cold Casting". "Cold-Casting" is a term used to describe the process of mixing metal powder with a translucent casting resin, and applying the mixture into a mold. The finished casting give the appearance and weight of solid metal. The metal cold-casting process is faster and much less expensive compared with foundry casting of molten metal. Different metal powders such as Bronze, Brass, Nickel Silver and Copper can be used depending on the desired effect.

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